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Video / Design & Animation

Video is pretty much everywhere nowadays. A crucial media tool that you absolutely MUST use if you want to succeed in marketing and publicity online. I guess that that’s the reality in today’s ‘virtual’ world.

The Rise of the Internet Video

Because video is, and without doubt, THE most popular broadcasting and advertising medium online as of 2018. Video shows absolutely no signs of stopping its current monumental climb in popularity, or releasing its vice-like grip on this coveted top spot. It is in particular, a marketer’s dream.

Nothing Beats Video

Video’s advantages are huge. Its got built in action, images, music, story lines, voiceovers, advertising as required, news, information, and whatever else you could desire … all in one medium. No other medium can offer all of these features in one package. PLUS its entertaining! What a lethal, unstoppable combination.

Combine that with the fact that a vast majority of the world’s population today are ‘carrying the internet’ around in their pockets on their Mobile phones, the internet is inescapable. Welcome to the 21st Century!

Multi Media Video

Here is an example video which demonstrates possible uses for advertising or promoting. It includes an animated logo, wisdom from a master (this type of animated image could be used in a ‘Self Improvement’ type program), a Yoga promotion, and a branded logo (Ursa Designs).

Its just an example of what you can do with video. Another thing to keep in mind is that Social Media sites like Facebook for example, absolutely love video. Advertising costs for video are at a premium right now and can drastically reduce your spend cost. FB realises the power of video and encourages and rewards video promotions.

The Age of the Video Cradle Kids

In this day and age we’ve all grown up with video, basically since the cradle. Whether it was TV, Cinema, Video, DVD, Blu-Ray … its second nature to us. And that’s why its such a strong medium for advertising.

Digital Age Video

Well in the digital world of Computers, the internet, Laptops, Mobile Phones, things are no different. You should take mega advantage of that fact and use video in your marketing or attention seeking, It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, be it selling a product or promoting your band.

Ursa Designs Video Services

Nowadays you fully customize your online branding and Logo through video.

Ursa Video designs offer many styles of video including:

Promo Videos
Whiteboard Videos
Explainer Videos
Motion Titles
Live Mockups
Lower Thirds
Social Bumbers
Call to Action
Slide shows
FB Covers (Animated/Video style)
Photo Mockups

Its amazing what you can do with video in this digital age.

Music Video

Video is a powerful tool you can use even outside of marketing. It can be used to promote yourself, original music, a band, the scope is unlimited.

Contact us if you would like to avail of our video creation services. Tell us what you are aiming to achieve with your video, and let’s get to work on it together. Use our free estimation advice at no cost.