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Services – Ursa Designs


Certified Photoshop Design

Photoshop is an absolute powerhouse of a Graphic Design program. But it has to be said that it has a notoriously difficult to use reputation. And don’t mention the learning curve. Save yourself the stress, time, money and worries, and simply order a professional, fully customized design from a Photoshop Adobe Certified Associate > Webmaster / David O’Toole (ahem, that’s me folks). Certified Photoshop Design

Video Design / Animated Video

These days you absolutely must use video in your marketing. Its THE most popular medium online, and its not going away any time real soon. We were all brought up with video in one form or another and its second nature to us. You can use that fact in your advertising to great effect >  Video Design – Animated Video / Sketch Videos

3D eBook Covers

3D eBook Covers are a fantastic modern design which will present your eBook in an eye-catching way. Flat 2D images can look rather boring when compared to a 3D design. To get with the trend you need some first class designs for your 3D eBook covers. I love 3D Cover Designs, they look fantastic. > 3D eBook Covers

3D Product Covers

Similar to 3D eBook covers, you can also use 3D Product covers. They are so effective and its a medium we are very used to seeing at this stage. As usual you need seriously effective design in order to make these images grab people’s attention. 3D Product Covers. > 3D Product Covers

Mockups & Advertising

Every marketer needs a good amount of mockup graphics in his arsenal. They are the best way to demonstrate your product showcases, websites, eBooks, Books, Products (both Digital and Real), the list goes on, and their use in online marketing is endless. But it can be very costly in terms of both time and money to produce these Mockup Graphics. That’s where Ursa Designs can come to your rescue. We can design numerous Mockups for your particular needs and purpose. Mockups and Advertising

Image Animation Effects

Animation today plays such a huge role in advertising, it always has since the early cartoons. But with the amount of competition advertisers face online today, its become an absolute essential when it come to grabbing people’s attention. You need animation, simple as that > Image Animation Effects

Logo Design

Logos are fundamental when it comes to creating brand recognition. They can be difficult to design and can be extremely expensive to get created. In fact the cost can prove to be a real hurdle for some > Logo Design

Social Media Design

The power of using Social Media in your marketing cannot be underestimated in 2018. There are so many Social Media platforms to choose from nowadays its almost beyond belief. But you need the right image and media to compete in this arena effectively, its extremely competitive nowadays. Social Media Graphics and Design

GIF Design – Branded

GIFs and animated images are legendary for their internet use. Traditionally they were aimed at entertainment and small furry Cats. But these days they have morphed into powerful marketing tools. Don’t underestimate their effectiveness when it comes to online marketing. It doesn’t matter what you are promoting they can be adapted and designed to suit. Gif Designs – Branded

Marketing Comics

Yes you can even get your own comic style post or website graphic created here at Use it to promote your product, website, latest idea, in fact use one to promote almost any online advertising media. Target ANY niche, stop the scrolling, and just go for that traffic.

Warning: Comic Graphics are big news and a real ‘scroll-stopper’. Use them wisely webmasters. > Marketing Comics


Infographics have become almost legendary in their online presence nowadays, they’re everywhere and seriously popular across all demographics. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re targeting you can take them even further > Infographics / Artographics