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Photoshop – Adobe Certified Associate

Photoshop is an absolute powerhouse of a Graphic Design program. But it has to be said that it has a notoriously difficult to use reputation. And don’t mention the learning curve. Save yourself the stress, time, money and worries,  and simply order a professional, fully customized design from a Photoshop Adobe Certified Associate > Webmaster / David O’Toole (ahem, that’s me folks).

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Endless Photo Design Options

Photoshop offers and endless amount of options when it comes to graphic design. In one way this is a blessing, but as stated previously, the learning curve for the program is pretty steep. But it allows you to create almost limitless designs. Indeed Photoshop, or another equally strong graphic design program, is an essential tool to have in your marketing online. But the competition in online advertising nowadays is fierce, so whatever you are trying to advertise must stand out, or it will get lost in the ‘Scroll-By’ wars.


Photoshop Custom Designs

Sometimes an advertising image needs to be customized in order to make it stand out from the crowd. This could be a promo image for a website, a product, or perhaps a Social media post, say for example on Facebook. Let’s say you had a model image like this one below, and you wanted to use it in an Advertisement for your company called ‘Times Model Agency’.

So rather than posting it as it is with a link to your website, you could get a professional ‘makeover’ on the image. The results could look more like the following. Its a lot more eye-catching than the standard photograph, and this type of customization can improve your click-thru rates by a very large margin.This demo customization includes a website address, a Hyperlink, a Call to Action, and a company Logo. You can customize any element to suit your specific needs.

Times Model Agency

Animation Magic

Now there’s one other thing you could do with an advertising image like this and its a real groundbreaker. Guess what it is? Its animation! Now that really grabs a user’s attention. Its a deep inborn trait we all share since the day we born, we can’t help but notice motion, its unavoidable. And you can use that scientific fact in your advertising to achieve some really fantastic results. For example you could animate this Advertising image demo example to something like the following (there are many animation options offered here).

When people are browsing through their Facebook feed, this is the type of image that will stop the scrolling and grab their attention. It targets their ‘Animal Instinct Survival Gene’ – everyone notices motion!

Order Your Customized Graphic

If you can see the enormous potential that customized graphics like this can offer, fill in the contact form below and send me a message and we can start a chat about it. You can include details like what image you want to use, your Website address, Company Logo, and any Call to Action you require.

There’s no obligation here, it will be just an eMail chat about what type of design you need or would like. Introduce yourself, and let me know what you are looking for, and what your intended advertising use will be (this helps me in making the best marketing design for you). If all elements meet your requirements, then you can place an order if you’re happy with the results and would like to proceed further. Talk soon, David.