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Mockups & Advertising

Mockups & Advertising

In this exciting Internet Age, the use of Mockups has proven to be a complete success when it comes to powering up Advertising Click-Thru rates (especially when it comes to Facebook). Very eye-catching and totally customisable to suit any online presence particular needs, be it a website or a product.

Here’s an example of a Mockup created for Ursa Designs, featured on a Mac computer, which includes the website address and a Photoshop Associate recognition badge. Of course you can customise any Mockup to include your own specific details.

Customised Mockups

Here’s the same image media using a different Mockup design. Its similar to the first one but you can choose from many different templates. Check out the examples below to get more insights on what options are open to you, or indeed, open to any business for that matter.

Mockup Design Example 2

Mobile Design Mockup Example

In the past few years the use of Mobile phones to browse online has overtaken Desktop and Laptop use dramatically. It makes sense really, as nowadays a large majority of people have internet access in their pocket. This is first time in history that something like that has happened, and its been threatening to happen for the last few years. The Technology has reached somewhat of an inevitable conclusion you could say, and its not finished yet by a long shot. It makes sense to take advantage of this fact if you’re trying to reach out to people online.

Yes now that global internet usage is finally a solid fact, you can take advantage of this and target Mobile Phones themselves  in your advertising media. This Mockup example just does that. The world is obsessed with Mobile Phones and pictures of them. What better place to put one of your advertisements?

Ursa Designs Mobile Design Mockup

Mockup Examples

You can create many different Mockups that can display almost anything you want. Show on PC, Mac, Mobile, even old TVs.  A workspace, beside a swimming pool, from the Office, its an ingenious way of of demonstrating digital media.

Mockups and Print On Demand

You can even display your digital property on a Coffee Mug, a Business Card, Soft Drinks Cup, or even a Watch, now how cool is that? The important thing here is to grab attention for your Ads, Mockups are a very clever way to do precisely that.

That watch Mockup is so cool it deserves a closer look, I think its a Google Watch, looks like one anyway:

To get even more attention to a Mockup, I would animate it. Mockups and Animation is a killer combination!

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