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Your Logo – a Fundamental Design

Logo design is an important and fundamental necessity for every business, whether its online or offline. If you think of any famous brand, you’re bound to know what their company Logo looks like. Its a basic ingredient for any business, a fundamental building block.

There are many stories attached to many famous logos. The Coca-Cola logo, BMW, Nike or indeed any world famous brand you could name, have backgrounds attached to their logos. Its a fascinating topic, with many resources about it available online. Some famous logos are so clever!

Logo Assets

I’ve studied Logo Design myself, and I loved reading up on it and doing my research. Its pretty essential stuff to know about when it comes to design. It can inspire you and help you come up with your own creative ideas.

Now whether or not your plans involve becoming as big as those aforementioned giants, you will find that having a first class Logo is great asset to have in business, no matter what niche you are working in. Whether you’re looking to Brand or to Sell something, a professional logo will be (or should be), essential.

There are many avenues that can be taken by a company or a brand. You need to know what your purpose is. The company need to know what their audience are looking for and what will resonate with them. That’s where Logo Design comes in.

Example Logos

Let’s take a look at a few demo Logos. Our first one is for a fictitious company called ‘HelioSky’. Their company slogan is ‘Reach For the Top’. Its a simple design (as many logos are). They are involved in arranging Mountain Climbing expeditions. Can you notice the hint of a mountain in there on this Logo? Its subtle, and mainly affects the subconscious mind, but that’s the type of thing that sets a Logo off and gives it character as such.

Example Logo #2

This Logo is for a company called ‘UrsaTek’. Its slogan reads ‘Internet Online Design’. So the design has quite a ‘Technical’ feel to it. Its mainly based on shapes and uses a Gradient Color to enhance the design. These types of Logo designs work effectively because they are kept simple, and work at all sizes. Its pointless to put in heavy graphic details into a Logo, because that gets lost at smaller sizes.

Ursa Designs Logo Service

If you would like an effective Logo design for your business or online presence, get in touch with us and we can discuss it.