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GIF Design – Animated Images, Posts & Ads

Animated Images provides a solution to an ongoing and evergrowing problem. That problem is people ignoring your Static images, they just don’t cut it anymore. There’s so much competition these days with trying to grab people’s attention, its become a real nightmare to solve.

Marketers nowadays are going for the angle that people online these days have the attention span of less than a Goldfish! Which equates to a mighty 12 seconds. Now while that may be a bit of an exaggeration, it does ring true.

We Notice Motion – Animal Instinct

Its been scientifically proven (and it makes perfect sense), that movement will contribute by a large margin in getting people to actually notice your image. Whether its a Facebook Ad or a Post, a Google based image, or indeed any type of online promotion, movement (animation), has been proven to be a game changer when it comes to grabbing that attention.

Animation Can Be Expensive

But animation comes with it’s own built-in downsides. A main one being that it can be wildly expensive. Also it has a steep learning curve if you decide to do it yourself.

At Ursa Designs we offer various solutions to this mega-problem. All you need to provide is the image that you want to be animated. Here’s an example to give you the idea of what I mean here:

Ursa Design - Animated Image Service

Ursa Designs Animation Service

If you can see the value that animation provides, get in touch with us and see what your options here are. No commitment, let’s just discuss the possibilities. You’ll be amazed at what is possible. Grab those views, use the animal instinct in all of us to give yourself a distinct advantage.