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GIF Design – Branded

GIFs have taken the internet over it would seem in the last few years. At first they were just somewhat silly and mainly used to create something funny. And while that still happens a lot nowadays, they are now being used for marketing.

The movement they naturally provide is a real attention grabber. As discussed elsewhere, we ‘notice motion’, its a basic human instinct.

Gifs and Advertising

GIFs have proven themselve to be a real winner when it comes using them as advertisements. Even Facebook accepts them now as Ad Media, they had to bow under the pressure of Gifs as they are so popular on the internet.

But to use them as an advertising medium you need to customize them to suit your brand, product or website. Here’s an example of how you could do that.

This is an example branded GIF sourced from a video, and created for our sister site – but its the type of branded Gif that could be used for an underwater excursion holiday website, perhaps a Diving school or similar. Its not just a ‘silly gif’ made by students showing Cute Kitty Cats, its a branded Gif complete with a ‘Diving Experience’ slogan and a web address to match. We also added an FB Thumbs Up/Like icon to encourage viewers to do just that.

Custom Branded GIFs

There’s a certain method you have to follow to create branded Gifs like this. Basically you can use any video footage that you personally shot and get it converted into a GIF. If you would like to get your own customized and branded Gif to use in your business, contact us here at Ursa Designs for more info.

Animated Book & Illustrations GIF

Here’s an idea for you if you write illustrated Books or eBooks, or if you are an illustrator, designer. This example below uses a Public Domain version of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, but there’s nothing stopping you from making a similar GIF style branded design. All you need to provide are your own images or illustrations and we can turn them into and eye-catching image like this. Complete with your branding, your book title, website address. They look very cool and are a great way to bring attention to your work. Use them for FB or website posts or advertisements.

Get in touch with us and we can chat about it and suggest some options for you.